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Sprinkler Installation & More in Las Vegas, NV

The professionals at Noble Tree Service Inc. in the Las Vegas Metro area are highly trained and experienced to cover every aspect of irrigation such as sprinkler installation, repair and water main work and more! If you are looking for irrigation services, we can assure you that we are ready!

Sprinkler Installation

In need of a sprinkler system for your lawn? We can trench, install and run a new sprinkler system to fit your lawn's specific needs. In addition, we can refresh any old or out dated sprinkler system to keep your lawn look great.
Sprinkler Installation - Irrigation Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sprinkler Repair

No job is too small, we can replace and move sprinkler heads, PVC pipe, valve manifolds, trenching for new installations. If needed, we also can run or replace piping under your driveway.

Water Main Work

Noble Tree Service Inc. can repair or replace your water main line using up to date parts and pinpoint any water leaks you may be having that are related to your home's water main line.