Whether you have an old tree stump taking up residence on your property or have recently cut down some trees only to have the stumps as an ugly reminder of them, you can benefit from having these eyesores removed from your landscape. Here are four reasons to have stumps professionally removed by a tree service expert so you can enjoy your yard to the fullest.

Pest Prevention
An old and rotting tree stump is a welcome invitation for unwanted guests such as wasps, carpenter ants, bumblebees, and even termites. Moist, pungent wood is also a prime host for certain mushroom species that can take over your yard once they start to spread.

To keep pests from infecting your yard (and in some cases, your home), have a professional remove stumps with a stump grinder. A tree service expert will remove all traces of the rotting stump by using a grinding machine that chips away at the wood until it is under the soil's surface and out of sight.

Safety Hazards

Unchecked tree stumps can be difficult to mow around and can pose a tripping hazard in the yard. A stump grinder can remove tree stumps of all diameters to give your landscape the smooth surface you desire. If any accompanying tree roots are above ground and causing a tripping or mowing hazard, your tree service technician can eliminate these during the stump-removal visit.

Unsightly Appearance
Tree stumps can distract from your garden, your patio, or other aesthetically pleasing aspects of your yard. The stumps’ unsightly appearance can give your landscape a disheveled, messy look and can even take value away from your property. To avoid these consequences, have your large and small tree stumps professionally removed by a service that has experience in stump grinding.

If you enjoy having guests over at your home and entertain outdoors, then your tree stumps could pose a safety hazard. If someone were to trip or otherwise get hurt on one of your stumps, you would be liable for their injury due to your lack of what is legally defined as “ordinary care.”

“Ordinary care” means you provide your guests with the basic necessities of safety to prevent accidents and injury on your property. Allowing tree stumps to remain could be considered negligence. An injured guest may sue your homeowner’s insurance company, and the lawsuit could make your rates go up.

Structural Damage
A tree stump can continue to live for many years, and large roots will continue to seek water even after a tree has been cut down. The roots of a stump can sense the tree has been 'injured' and can go haywire seeking nourishment to revive. The roots will then get into your water lines, go under sidewalks, and even uproot fencing around your yard.

The older a stump is, the more structural damage its root base may have already caused, so stump grinding is your best option to stop any destruction from getting worse.

The tree stumps on your property may be causing more issues than you realize. Grinding the stumps out for good is the best way to protect your home against potential damage.

If you are unsure of the best way to remove your tree stumps, contact a professional tree service to grind them for you so you can enjoy your yard again. The experts at Noble Tree Service Inc. are able to successfully remove old and new stumps in your landscape to add a smooth, fresh appeal to your yard. Contact our friendly office for a consultation or to make an appointment for stump removal services.